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     Private lessons are tailored  to you and your dog(s) needs. I can tackle specific issues you may be having with your pet that may not be covered in a group setting. Or schedule a private lesson for a refresher course!
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    If you feel you and your pet would benefit from one-on-one time with Amy, please schedule a Private Dog Training Lesson.
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Dogs in Training and Testimonials

Testimonial by Nila Saylor 05/24/12:
Storm and I took lessons "one on one" with Amy for awhile before joining a class. Storm had severe health issues that have taken two years to just about clear up...we are still dealing with one issue. In addition to her health issues, Storm suffers from an extreme case of anxiety any time she leaves our house. Because of Storm's anxiety issues, it is difficult to get her to listen, but she managed to get through the classes and graduated last Tuesday (something I did not think would ever happen!). Amy is very knowledgeable and patient with both the dogs and the people and has helped me considerably with both Storm and my other dog, too.
& Storm, a Shiloh Shepherd

Testimonial by Ted& Dixie Taylor 05/23/12:
We were up in arms in what we going to do with our new puppy when we couldn't even get him to walk on a leash and we were just weeks away from traveling and living in our motorhome for 3 months. Thanks to you after the first session with you we were able to get him walking under control . Now he is well underway with set ,down and stay. He has learned a lot and so have we. Thanks to you and your willingness to work with him at such a young age , I think we will enjoy are travels a lot more.
Cody a Goldendoddle

Testimonial: Randy Morgan 01/20/12:
Thank you Amy. Amy took my dog Sarg and I when he was six months old. She started us with obedience training after six weeks she started working with us on his service dog training, I have a bad case of PTSD since I returned from Iraq. My psyc doctor suggested I get a service dog. Instead of getting a service dog already trained I decided to get a black lab and find some one to train him and I. I met Amy at MSU college in West Plains, she give me her card and we started classes. I feel that Sarg and I progressed very well. Amy met with Sarg and me at the college to work teach Sarg how to push the buttons on the handicap doors, Amy has trained Sarg to pick things up when I drop them like my cane, my pen, keys or anything I drop. He now can go into restaurants and he knows his place, and he also knows he can't eat anything off the floor. Anyone needing help training their dog, Amy is the best! Sarg has a fit when he sees or even hears Amy, when I would get him ready to go to his classes all I had to say to him was "time to meet with Amy" and he just melted. Amy again thank you so much from Sarg and Randy.

Sarg a Black Lab