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Therapy Dogs - Training & Activities

Dogs are natural working with kids.

Calm dogs are wonderful with the elderly

Bringing joy to seniors is very rewarding.

Good dog manners are a must!

Therapy Dogs help people communicate.

Good obedience training is needed for therapy dogs.

Well-Mannered Dog Academy trains and evaluates Therapy Dog Teams for TD, Inc.

The training and testing process involves the handler/dog team passing the handling portion of the test followed by 3 successful supervised visits at different local facilities.

About Therapy Dogs Inc.

It is a goal of Therapy Dogs Inc. to provide registration, support, and insurance for members who are involved in volunteer animal assisted activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, visits to hospitals, special needs centers, schools, and nursing homes. Our objective is to form a network of caring individuals who are willing to share their special animals in order to bring happiness and cheer to people, young and old alike

Bringing happiness to those who no longer can have pets.

Our teams find therapy work is very rewarding.

Good dog manners are appreciated by all!

Helping people communicate is one of our tasks as a team.

TD Inc. Requirements for Certification:

Therapy dogs are personal pets which meet certain requirements of good manners and good health, and pass testing and evaluations.

Therapy dogs must:

  • Be at least one year of age
  • Be good around other dogs
  • Listen to their handlers
  • Allow strangers to touch them all over
  • Not jump on people when interacting
  • Walk on a leash without pulling
  • Not mind strange noises and smells
  • Be calm for petting
  • Not be afraid of people walking unsteadily
  • Be current on all vaccines required by the local laws
  • Have a negative fecal test every 12 months
  • Be clean and well groomed

Any dog of any breed or mix of breeds with these qualifications is a good candidate to be a therapy dog. The membership process involves the handler/dog team passing the handling portion of the test followed by 3 successful supervised visits in the field. At this point, the handler sends in the membership packet with appropriate fees to the office where upon TD Inc. has sole authority in accepting the team for membership into the organization. Upon acceptance, the newly registered team receives a membership card, a certificate and a heart shaped tag for the dog's collar, to be worn when representing TD Inc. The team may only begin visiting after receiving this packet.

For more information about this rewarding activity to do with your dog,  visit the Therapy Dog Inc. website.